wines of teh world auction and dinner event

Honorary Vintner VIP Room Reception

VIP Reception and Champagne Bar

This is the Wines of the World committee member's opportunity to thank our Sponsors and Underwriters for supporting this event, as well as welcome our VIP attendees. The VIP Reception will be serving a selection of Vintner Honorees’ Wines from around the world, complemented by French champagne.

Our Honored Vintner will be present to meet you and guide you through the wines present, his philosophy of wine making and his consultancies with various top wineries throughout the world. Hors d’oeuvres featured in the VIP Room will be the culinary creation of Toni Lampasone of Wine Watch Catering.

In order to enjoy this exclusive VIP Room you must reserve as a VIP Attendee, or be a Sponsor of the event.


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