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Chef Oliver Saucy Chef Oliver Saucy
Darryl & Olver’s Café Maxx

Many feel Oliver Saucy was destined to become a great chef. Just like his recipes, Saucy's background contains the perfect melange of ingredients. A blending of nature and nurture, Saucy's distinctive talents have captured the country's attention. Oliver is a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, NY, but he actually learned how to cook from his father.

He grew up in a medieval German Castle in the Black Forest which had been converted into a resort hotel. Eric Saucy, who retired following a long and illustrious career as a Senior Chef/Instructor at the CIA, was the resort's Executive Chef and young Oliver spent lots of time in his kitchen, learning how to perform fundamental cooking techniques.

Growing up, Saucy gained an intimate understanding of the dedication necessary to become a masterful interpreter of cuisine. “My father taught me about the importance of using fresh ingredients and those that have been minimally processed. He has always had his own garden,” Oliver says. “He is the one who instilled in me all of the fundamentals. But even though I am classically trained, I like to think of myself like a musician who has studied the classics and can also play jazz, the blues and hard rock.

I like to explore America's contemporary cuisine.” Upon graduating from the CIA, Oliver was determined to hone his craft. Venturing to South Florida, he developed a unique style and approach to cooking. His position at Café Maxx provided him with the perfect venue to showcase his innate talent and ever-expanding skills. With a love of the eclectic and a dislike for categories, Chef Saucy's experimentations tantalize the taste buds of his patrons. Utilizing the freshest of ingredients in his daily evolving menus, the chef calls upon the intriguing range of South Florida's cultural influences. On any given evening, you can enjoy dishes infused with touches from the tropics, Mexico, Latin America, Asia, the Southwest, France and the Mediterranean.

Distinctive, most definitely, yet Saucy's inventiveness never eclipses the freshness of the food. As a result, the menus at the restaurants occupy a position on everybody's short list of the area's top purveyors of the Southeast's splendid new regional cuisine The perfect balance of classic technique and creative process is what has elevated Saucy to an elite level.

With numerous magazine write-ups and television appearances, he has garnered high praise from the press and industry critics. His list of accolades and distinctions are quite impressive, but his focus is always about pleasing his clients. He strives to concentrate a sharp focus on basics, balancing innovation with a sensible approach. “Balance,” he says, “is the key. It helps me to keep everything in proper

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