wines of teh world auction and dinner event

Our 23rd Anniversary dinner will feature the WOW Hall of Fame Celebrity Chefs - Oliver Saucy of Café Maxx, and Chef Gregory MacGowan of Hyatt Regency Pier 66. Also participating are Toni Lampasone of Wine Watch Catering, Chef/Owner Chris Nealon of Aruba, Anthony DeMaio of Mojo, Marco Pindo of Boca Raton’s Sapori Restaurant, Publix Aprons Cooking School and Gran Forno Italian Bakery.

Although wines are offered with dinner, one of the most appealing parts of the evening is the encouragement for each attendee to bring wines from their own cellar for pairings at their table which always results in a fascinating wine tasting experience by our dedicated foodies and winos.

Come Join us!
Co-Chairmen: Jerry Rosenthal and James LaBonte

Symphony of the Americas WOW 2015Andrew Lampasone, Jerry Rosenthal, Chef Angelo Elia, Jim LaBonte
Photo credit: Kara Starzyk

Ari Roloff, Renee LaBonte, chef Oliver saucy, Robet Roselli, Andrew Lampasone, -  Photo credit:  Kara StarzykAri Roloff, Renee LaBonte, chef Oliver saucy, Robert Roselli, Andrew Lampasone.
Photo credit: Kara Starzyk

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