James LaBonte
Jerry Rosenthal

Event Committee and
Dusty Old Bottle Club Members
Bob Bennethum
Maestro James Brooks-Bruzzese
Steven Casper
John Day
Walker Duvall ~ Wells Fargo
Carlos Fernandez
James LaBonte
Andrew Lampasone
Monty Preizer
Ari Roloff
Robert M. Roselli
Jerry Rosenthal
James Whiddon

Founding Sponsor
Andrew Lampasone - The Wine Watch

2012 Contributing Sponsors
Thomas Arvid
International Wine Artist
Bob Bennethum
Bradford Renaissance Portraits
Broward Center for Performing Arts
Darrel & Oliver's Café Maxx
Café Seville
Café Veco
Casa D'Angelo
Carlos Fernandez
Coconuts Waterside Restaurant
Dean James Max's 3030 Restaurant
E.J. Gallo Winery & Premier Beverage Co.
Kiko & Mary Helen Franco
Gran Forno ~ Las Olas
Hugh and Grace Gardiner
Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina
Holland America


2012 Sponsors (continued)
Hugh McCaulley ~ Hugh's Culinary
Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six
New River Fine Art ~ Las Olas
Publix Apron's Cooking School
Napa Valley Wine Guide
Ari & Tracy Roloff
Robert & Jennifer Roselli
Jerry & Heidi Rosenthal
Will Spencer
Vienna Café & Wine Bar
Wine Watch Catering

Host Committee
Francisco and Kyra Aguilera
Dr. Peter L. Babinski
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bennethum
Michael Bassichis
David & Lisa Burgess
Dr. Andre and Sherrill Capi
Steven Casper
Lynn and Delores Drayton
Walker and Millicent Duvall
Kiko & Mary Helen Franco
Hugh and Grace Gardiner
Jeff and Judy Keiser
James and Renée LaBonte
Andrew and Toni Lampasone
Larry and Susan Mauer
Nuccia McCormick
KayeLynne Northcutt
Drs. Mildred and Walter Padow
Peter Palin and Linda Bolitho
Joan Readding
Ari and Tracy Roloff
H. Joseph Roselli
Robert and Jennifer Roselli
Jerry and Heidi Rosenthal
Will Spencer
John and Belinda Ulbrich
John Ventors

This is an organization consisting of individual participants dedicated to providing permanent funding for the Symphony of the Americas, through sponsorship of the annual Wines of the World auction and dinner:

  1. Members of this club will constitute the planning committee of the Wines of the World
  2. Membership is open to all persons that meet the underwriting criteria stated below
  3. The Maestro shall be an honorary member of the Dusty Old Bottle Club

The membership to this club will consist of a $1,000 annual
contribution of wine, dinners or other auction items for the Wines
of the World event by the individual. Any Wine Lot donations
should be of a caliber suitable for the Wines of the World Live or Silent Auction.

Additional benefits to members include attendance for two
persons at the Wines of the World Dinner Auction, plus two
tickets to one evening performance of the Symphony of the
Americas Guest Artist Series concert of their choice at the
Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

Participants in the Dusty Old Bottle Club will be recognized in the
Wines of the World program book and Web site as well as in the
program book of the Guest Artist Series concerts.

Enologists: Individual Dusty Old Bottle Club Members;
Sommelier: Those Dusty Old Bottle Club Members who chose to
donate at a level greater than $2,500 will also receive 2 tickets
at the Virtuosi level for each performance of the 6 concert
Guest Artist Series of the Symphony of the Americas
at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.